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DAMPE Data Policy

Source:    |    Pubtime:2021-08-28

Data Introduction

DAMPE satellite gamma ray scientific data contains the photon data files and spacecraft files. DAMPE satellite photon is selected from the events detected by DAMPE, the photon files record the observed time, energy, direction and trigger type information of gamma-ray events. At the same time, the spacecraft files record the positions, velocities, pointings and livetimes of the satellite used for scientific analysis.

Data Rules

Users shall acknowledge the sources of data used in all publications and reports.
Users shall include in publications the information necessary to allow others to access the data used.
Users shall transmit a copy of each manuscript to NSSDC that uses the data within one month of the publication of the manuscript.


CC BY 4.0
The use of DAMPE Data for scientific research, non-commercial purposes and public education is strongly encouraged, and there are no restrictions on the use of data for other purposes. No expressed authorization is required for data use; however, it is requested that any use properly attributes the source of the data.

Data Citation and Acknowledge

Citation Format

DAMPE Collaboration: DAMPE Satellite Gamma Ray Scientific Data. V6.0.2. National Space Science Data Center. DOI: 10.12176/02.05.00014-V01. 2021-09-07.

Acknowledge Format

We acknowledge data resources from DArk Matter Particle Explorer (DAMPE) satellite mission supported by Strategic Priority Program on Space Science, and data service provided by National Space Science Data Center of China.